HTTPS on Custom Domain

Modified on: Wed, Apr 1, 2015 at 7:59 PM

All Merchium stores on * are protected by HTTPS with a common SSL-certificate. If you've assigned a custom domain to your storefront, you need to upload a custom SSL-certificate for this domain.

Here's how you do it the Merchium admin panel:

  1. Go to Administration → Domains.
  2. Pick an existing custom domain or create a new one with the + button.
  3. Paste your PEM file content in the SSL certificate (PEM) box. This PEM file must contain your certificate, intermediate certificate, and private key.

    PEM stands for Privacy-enhanced Electronic Mail. It's a format for transmitting SSL-certificate as text, e.g. in emails.

    You domain provider will give you the necessary PEM on request. It is possible that the provider will send you several .crt files instead of a PEM file. In this case, use this guide to construct the proper PEM file (it's written by Digicert but fits all SSL providers).
  4. Tick the Enable HTTPS box
  5. Click Save (or Create, if you're adding a new domain)

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