eBay synchronization add-on

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The eBay synchronization add-on helps to exchange products and orders with the online auction and shopping website eBay.

    Get the authorization keys

    To set-up the eBay synchronization add-on, you should get the authorization keys at https://developer.ebay.com. To do it:

    • Register at https://developer.ebay.com/join/.
    • Note: Be sure to specify your e-mail address correctly because the letter with the account activation will be sent at this address.

    • Follow the link provided in the Account Activation letter (that was sent to your e-mail), you will be directed to the Account Activation page. Find the Get your application keys link there and click it.


      On the opened My Account page find the Application Keys block to generate two key sets:
      • Sandbox Keys — keys for the test API requests.
      • Production Keys — keys for real API requests (for the live store).
    • Note: You can generate application keys at any time on the My Account page.

      The application keys are unique identifiers that tell eBay which developer and application is making a call.

    • Click Generate Sandbox keys or Generate Production keys depending on your purposes. The following keys will be generated: DEVID, AppID, and CertID.

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    • Go to the Add-ons > Manage Add-ons section of your store Administration panel, find the eBay synchronization add-on and click on its name. On the opened page fill in the eBay DevID, eBay AppID, and eBay CertID fields with the corresponding generated key values.

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    • To generate eBay user Token follow this link. Choose the key set and the environment where the token will be used (sandbox or production) and click Continue to generate token.

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      For further generation you will have to link a token to some eBay user account. Click the Register button to the right of the page to create the eBay user account, or sign in with the information of the existing eBay account.

    • After creating a user, return to the token generation page again, click Continue to generate token and sign in with the information of your eBay user account.
    • Read the note and click I agree on the opened window. You will be sent to the Token Generation - Final Step section. Copy the code displayed in the Token field.
    • In the Administration panel of your store go to Add-Ons > Manage Add-ons. Find the eBay synchronization add-on, click on its name and paste a token to the eBay User Token form.
    • Choose the environment in the Sandbox/Production field and the region for that your site will work in the Default site field in the same section.

    The eBay template settings

    Use a template to group your products. For each template you can  specify such parameters as shipping and payment methods, categories,  etc.

    To create a template:

    • In the Administration panel go to Marketing > eBay templates and click the «+» button to the left of the page.
    • Fill in the given fields and click Create to save your changes.

      You can choose whether to use Calculated or Flat shipping type. Calculated - shipping will be calculated according to the customers ZIP address,  the weight of the package, and the type of shipping services you offer; Flat - shipping rate will be fixed.

    Note: If several templates are defined as default, the latest specified template will be applied to products.

    Apply a template to products

    To apply a template to specific products, do the following:

    • In the Administration panel go to Products > Products and choose one or several products (choose the checkboxes near their  names). Click the button with the gear icon and choose Edit selected from the drop-down menu.
    • In the opened window deselect all ticks except the eBay template and click Modify selected.

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    • Define the product template. You can do it globally by clicking Apply values to all the selected products. When you are ready, click Save.

    Export products to eBay

    To export products:

    • In the Administration panel go to Products > Products and choose one or several products that you want to export.
    • Click the button with the gear icon and choose Export to eBay from the drop-down menu. Your products will be exported to eBay.
    • Note: You can export products without previously  applying a template to them. In this case the default template will be  applied to products.

    You can also look through the list of products that were ever  exported to eBay or that were exported to ebay, but some changes were  applied to them since the previous export, and they need to be  re-exported to ebay. To see the list:

    • Go to Products > Products and click the Advanced search link in the Search section in the left part of the page.
    • To the bottom of the page find the Exported to eBay search option and choose the desired variant from the drop-down list: All - all exported to eBay products; Revised after the latest export - products that were changed after the latest export and need to be re-exported to eBay.
    • Click Search.

    Restrictions on exporting products with options:

    • To export products with options, these options must be grouped under option combinations!
      To create an option combination for product, open its detailed page (Go to Products > Products and choose the desired product),  click the Options tab and choose the desired option. Enable the Inventory checkbox and save the changes.  After that, click the Option combinations button and click the + button on the left of the opened page to create the combination.
    • The number of combinations cannot exceed 200. This is the restriction on the eBay side.
    • If the Track with options option is enabled for a product, you have to specify the product quantity for each combination individually. Otherwise, the total product quantity will be displayed. It is specified in the In stock field on the product details page.

    • Import the complete orders from eBay

      • In the Administration panel go to Orders > View orders.
      • Click the button with the gear icon and choose Get eBay orders from the drop-down menu. Orders from eBay will be imported to your store.

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        Note: Only orders with the Complete statuses will be exported from eBay. The imported orders will have the Processed statuses.

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