Setting up the Suppliers functionality

Modified on: Sun, Apr 6, 2014 at 10:25 PM

To set up the Suppliers functionality:

  1. In the administration panel, go to Add-ons > Manage Add-ons.
  2. Find the Suppliers add-on and make it active or click Install, if it is not installed yet. Click on the name of the add-on and in the opened window make sure that the Display product supplier company checkbox is chosen.
  3. In the administration panel, go to Customers > Suppliers
  4. Create a new supplier by using the + button. Define the supplier's e-mail, name, phone and address (from which his products are shipped).

  5. Open the Editing product page of the product to which the created supplier should be assigned.
  6. Select a necessary supplier in the Supplier select box. Click the Save button.
    NOTE: The Supplier select box is not displayed, if there are no suppliers in your store.
To use certain shipping methods for certain suppliers:
  1. In the administration panel, go to Customers > Suppliers.
  2. Click on the name of the necessary supplier and open the Shippings tab.
  3. Choose the checkboxes corresponding to the shippng methods, that will be available for the supplier and press the Save button.

    - If a customer buys a product that is assigned to a supplier, the  shipping methods assigned to this supplier will be available only.
    - If a customer buys several products from different suppliers, several  shipping methods (assigned to the suppliers) will be used in the order.  The shipping cost will be summed.
    - When an order is placed, a notification about it will be sent to the  corresponding supplier's email in order that he could ship the purchased product(s) to a customer.
    - In order to hide the supplier name in the customer area the Display product supplier company setting needs to be disabled on the Suppliers functionality settings page.

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