Why the realtime shipping method is not displayed

Modified on: Sat, Apr 5, 2014 at 10:26 PM

To display the realtime shipping method that was set up:
  1. In the administration panel, go to Settings > Shipping settings.
  2. Check whether the real time processor you use is enabled in the Shipping processors section on the opened page.
  3. Go to Administration > Shipping & Taxes, click on the Shipping methods link and click on the name of the used shipping method.
  4. Check whether the suitable shipping service was chosen in the Shipping service: option on the details page of the shipping method.
  5. Check whether the information was set up properly in the Configure tab.
    NOTE: Make sure that the Test mode check box is not selected. Realtime shipping services allow to execute  only some special requests when the test mode is enabled.

  6. Check whether the weight of the products which will be  shipped using this shipping method is defined on the product details  pages:
    1. Go to Products > Products.
    2. Find the product which will be shipped by this shipping method and click on its link.
    3. There should be some value (which is more than 0) in the input field of the Weight (lbs): option.
  7. If you set up USPS shipping method check that the user ID is confirmed. Call 800-344-7779 to confirm it.

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