Adding the Manufacturer Product Feature

Modified on: Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 11:36 AM

To add the Manufacturer product feature:

  1. In the administration panel, go to Products > Features
  2. Click the Add feature button on the left and specify the following fields in the opened New feature window:
    1. Name - enter Manufacturer.
    2. Feature code - enter the individual code to identify the feature.
    3. Position - enter the feature position.
    4. Description - enter the feature description (it will be displayed if a customer clicks on ? link under the Features tab on the product details page on the storefront.)
    5. Type - select the Selectbox > Brand/Manufacturer feature type.
    6. Group - select the group to which the feature will be applied (in order not to apply the feature to any group leave None.)
    7. Show on the Features tab - If selected, the product feature is displayed on the product details page as a separate tab.
    8. Show in product header - If selected, the feature is shown under the product header.
    9. Show in product list - If selected, the feature appears on the storefront on a product list page among the other product details.
    10. Prefix - enter the feature prefix.
    11. Suffix - enter the feature suffix.

  3. Open the Variants tab and specify the necessary manufacturers.
  4. Click the Create button.

To specify a manufacturer for a product:

  1. In the administration panel, go to Products > Products and click on the desired product link.
  2. Open the Features tab.
  3. Select the necessary manufacturer in the Manufacturer feature list and click the Save button.
    NOTE: To add a product filter so that it could filter products by manufacturer, read the Adding a product filter article.

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