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Product Quabitity

 I noticed there are several products when I look on the back end where the quantity says "edit" and when I try to edit these quantities it takes me to an option combinations page for the particular product instead of just letting me change the quantity on hand. I tried this individually per product and also by selecting all 100 per page like how I have done global changes before. Neither way works.

 here is one example

Please advise when you can.


We are sorry to hear that you experience this issue. We have examined it thoroughly and noticed that many product have reference to option combinations, but they do not have any options. It seems that products were imported improperly via Import/Export data functionality. In order to resolve this issue, please open editing page of each product with the Edit link and click the Save button. The Quanity field will be displayed. We have updated 300 products in your store using such method, some product still have the Edit link as they have options and option combinations. Please open the Products > Products page in admin panel of your store, click on the 4 link in the pagination bar, open editing page of each product in a separate tab and click the Save button on each editing page.

Thank you.

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