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lost passward cant recover


When I follow the link and instructions to reset the password, I keep getting this message:

"Error The username or email you have chosen already exists. Please try another one."

this is for the master account -> **********************

please help cant access or launch store!!!!

this all happened when we moved it from the development link in my partner account to the sub domain it lives at now ->


the client wished to launch but I cannot access the area to implement 301's with my account for some reason, and the customer cannot access the store at all


We are sorry to hear that you experience this issue. We hid the e-mail in this topic for security reasons. We have specified this e-mail address in the Reset password form and got the following notice:

Password recovery instructions have been sent to your email.

Please check your inbox and also the Spam folder.

Thank you.


I followed the directions several times to reset the password and it keeps giving me the same error, like I told you in the email last week. When you reached out to Merchium and they responded, which you forwarded to me, all it said was how to get to the reset password page which I already know how to do. It's from there that I'm getting an error. Not only is this severely holding up our launch, but now I can't even access the site to make any changes and I haven't been for a week.




We are sorry to hear that you still experience this issue. We have examined your store and noticed that there are two administrator accounts with this e-mail address. That is why the issue occurred. We have removed the second account and now the issue seems to be resolved. Please try resetting your password again.

Thank you.

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