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Realex Payment Processing

 I have configured my account, but cannot checkout with Realex. Nothing happens when I choose that option.


The following error is displayed on the checkout page:

Access denied Development stores are for development only. You can't sell things here.

This message is displayed because the developer plan is used in your store. Everything should be OK with a live one. Please check it.

Thank you.


so there is no way to test payment gateways in development?



Orders will not be placed if payment methods included in standard Merchuim store are used to place orders. Development plan gives an ability to test payment methods which are added to store as applications. To extend the default Merchium functionality, applications are used. They work via API. Technically speaking, an application is a program written in any programming language, installed on the developer's server, and communicating with the Merchium store via a special interface. This interface is called REST API. You can create your own application using our documentation.

Thank you.

 I moved out of development, but it does the same thing when I choose Realex - nothing  please help


Thank you for your reply.

We got the following error when tried to place order via Realex Internet Payments payment method in your store:


Invalid MERCHANT_ID or ACCOUNT. Please contact the merchant.

Please make sure that correct credentials are specified in the Configure tab on the editing page of the Realex Internet Payments payment method in admin panel of your store.

Thank you.

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