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I tried playing around with the search terms like documentation states, and it isn't working. I don't know if there is another way to do it or some setting that needs to be changed, but the search bar will only pull up a match if the terms are in the same exact order as they are in the "search terms" box on the product info page. I tried separating them by a comma and a space in the admin, and also by just a space. For instance, the product name is "Gas Pedal" so in the Search Terms box I put "gas, pedal, accelerator, throttle". If someone searches for "accelerator pedal" nothing comes up. I find it ridiculous that I would have to put every possible combination of words and phrases in that box for every product, when it seems like as long as the searched words are in there they should return a search, no matter in what order. Is this the case?


Quick search is set to search by exact phrase. This is how Merchium works by default. However, I have forwarded a feature request to our developers. Most probably, ability to select search type (by exact match, by all words, by any word) will be added in future.

Thank you.


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