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PayPal Pro

 I was provided the following from PayPal:

API Username

API Password



in Mechium I see:

Merchant login:

API user:

API partner:

API password:

What information is needed for Paypal to work to take credit cards on the website?

I have the method active, but it wont allow me to enter any CC info when I checkout???


Thank you for your message.

The credentials provided by PayPal are valid for the PayPal Pro payment method. Unfortunately, this payment method is not supported by Merchium due to technical limitations. However, you can use PayPal Express Checkout, PayPal Standard or PayPal Advanced instead.

If you have any further questions please contact us.

Thank you.


The information I was provided was from paypals BASIC api area, I am not enrolled in PayPal Pro, I just signed up today but will have to cancel given this news....   --  how do I use paypal advanced to take credit cards on my site?


Due to security reasons all payment transactions are made only on a payment gateway side. It means that payments cannot be made directly on your site. We are sorry for any possible inconvenience it may cause to you.

As  we mentioned earlier, you can use any other payment method instead.

Thank you.


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