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Add Plug payulatam

Hi good day

It is that you can create an add this payment gateway called is the leading platform in Latin America

I know you even scary, but this payment gateway

It is what allows receiving payments in Latin lamino and South America, United States and parts of Europe, that is why we here in Colombia is the only system to receive payments in our local momenda is why for me and many more people who are from this region

hopefully very soon we can integrate and add facilemnte


Norbe chain

Hello Norbe.

To extend the default Merchium functionality, applications are used. They work via API. Technically speaking, an application is a program written in any programming language, installed on the developer's server, and communicating with the Merchium store via a special interface. This interface is called REST API. 

If you want to add third-party payment gateway to Merchium, please contact its representatives and ask to develop such application. 

Developers documentation is available on the following page:

Thank you.

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