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PayPal Currencies Limited

I created paypal payment gateway, but unable to choose a currency other than those listed within. This is not the only issue, if I choose USD instead, I assume it converts my currency to equivalent USD, but this is not the case! It simply copies the number and leave the currency in USD. Please help
Hi Ahmed

Unfortunately, your currency - AED is not supported by PayPal, that is why you cannot chose it in the PayPal configuration settings. Here is the list of the supported currencies:

As for the problem with the currency conversation, all calculations in the store are based on the primary currency and there is no currency conversion made on the PayPal side at the moment in Merchium.

However, this feature has been already developed by our software architects and it will be included in the nearest Merchium update.

Thank you.


I found some other online stores converting the currency in PayPal, is this what you're planning for the next update? Can you please let's know an approximate date for releasing this update?

Hi Ahmed

Yes, it is exactly what we plan to add in our next update. We'll consult with our software architects regarding approximate date of the update and we'll contact you then.

Thank you.


Hello Ahmed,

Our developers informed us that update is planned to be released soon. Unfortunately, we cannot say the exact date, we apologize for possible inconvenience. 

Thank you.

Hello, Ahmed!

We're glad to inform you that your store version is upgraded and this issue is solved.

Thanks and have a nice day!

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