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Product Filters | Categories Pages


I tried but could not workout how I set up the following filter rules on my categories pages... here goes for trying to explain :) 

  1. Click on Colour Ribbons (any page) from the main menu running along the top.
  2. Land on Colour Ribbons. I have filters showing "our brands".
  3. How do I make it so that if I tick "Evolis" brand the filter with all the Evolis printer models is revealed to help a visitor narrow down further to the ribbon type they need.

Many thanks

Hi Chris!

I am afraid that the request is not clear enough to me. The point is that filter works for the products that are displayed on the category page where the filter is located. If you wish to show the products from another category when using filters, I am afraid it is not possible in Merchium. We have checked the Our brands filer on the mentioned page and it was working correctly for us: the relevant products were shown.

If you mean something else, please clarify the request in more detail.

Thank you.

Hi Mariya and thank you for your swift reply.

Indeed the filters work nicely on the product pages but I am hoping that when (in this example) the visitor clicks colour ribbons category in the main menu bar, all the colour ribbons for all the brands are listed. OK, so the visitor can now tick/click their brand option in the displayed "our brands" filter. Example.... click Evolis Printers.

This now shows all the colour ribbons listed for the Evolis brand. This is good.

But I would like it so that when Evolis brand filter is ticked/clicked (same for other brands too) all the available printer models by Evolis in this example are now listed to help the visitor narrow down their search whilst on the same page.

Hope this explanation helps us better :)
Thanks again

Thank you for the clarification. I am afraid that there is no way to retrieve the products from other categories when using filters on the category page. The filter works for the products that are displayed on the category page where the filter is located.

Thank you.

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