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Review url needs to be SEO friendly

HI... how do I customise the url for my reviews page?


I prefer:

Thanks you


I am afraid that there is no way to shorten the link as you mentioned. However, we suggest the following workaround to show the URL as follows:

Please take the steps:

1. In the store admin panel go to Website > SEO > SEO rules.

2. Create a new record:

3. Click Create.

Thank you.

Thanks Mariya. I will dig out the links as soon as I have completed the new store.

Still on Reviews page... Am I able to add a "NEW POST" box/link to the top of the page too?

Currently it is at the bottom.... I will be using the link to the reviews pagan emails etc to encourage customers to leave a review... but whilst I am ok on a 27" iMac screen to see the box... someone on a standard screen may not wish to or think about scrolling all the way down to leave a review.

Also... is it possible to have a separate "leave a review page" as a landing page. Hope that makes sense.

Thanks for your advise here.

Hello Chris!

Unfortunately, there is no way to set up Merchium this way.

Thank you.

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