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Payment Options not displaying at checkout


I'm getting an error message during checkout that no payment options are available. I have set up Credit Card, Phone Ordering and PayPal.

Notice There are no payment methods available, so you cannot proceed to checkout.

I guess I am missing something simple here but can not see what or how :(
Looking forward to your fresh eyes checking for me.

Many thanks

Dear Chris,

The issue is with the Payment dependencies add-on enabled in the store. To provide the customers with the shipping options, you should specify the dependencies for each shipping method: in the store admin panel go to Administration > Shipping & Taxes > Shipping methods, click on the shipping method and specify the dependencies in the Allowed payment methods section.

Unfortunately, there is an issue with the add-on in the current Merchium version: if the shipping method is changed in the list on the  Administration > Shipping & Taxes > Shipping methods page, the dependencies may be reset. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience regarding the issue. It will be fixed in the next Merchium version.

Thank you.

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