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Please add some India's Payment Gateway


There is no options seems of Indian payment gateway in your shopping cart hence it is request to you please add some options so that Indian merchants can open shop using your solution. Below are some top payment gateway in India 

  1. CCAvenue 
  2. PayU 
  3. EBS 
  4. Direcpay 

Hello, Durgesh.

To extend the default Merchium functionality, applications are used. They work via Merchium API. Technically speaking, an application is a program written in any programming language, installed on the developer's server, and communicating with the Merchium store via a special interface called REST API. 

If you want to add these payments in Merchium, you can hire third-party developers in order to create such applications. You can find our developer documentation on the following page:

Thank you.


Thanks for the reply, I have one query -- what'll happen if developers server gets down or suspended permanently where my module is hosted, 

also we cannot avoid the possibilities that if developer who developed module stop supporting for merchium 

In all above cases what will happen with my store? is it like that once I develop module from third party developer I'm completely dependent upon his services

Please give me reply as soon as possible.

Yes, the application operation fully depends on the developer's server operation. If it is not working, the application will not work too.

As regards application support, it also depends on the developer.

Thank you.

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