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Shipping cost not working

seems some updates have been made to cart software and users not notified

the free shipping option is flawed and not work anymore 

i prefer to have fix asap  but i will be migrating from this cart soon 

Dear Sir,

Please refer to my answer in the problem after problem after problem ticket.

Thank you.




rebelsimcard .  com 

shipping problem 

does not get correct price 


We are sorry to hear that you experience this problem. Could you please describe it in more detail? For what products is the shipping price incorrect and what shipping price should be shown for them? What customer address do you use for testing?

Also please post your requests here using the e-mail address of the administrator of your store, so we can identify your store.

Thank you.




products option when selected for free shipping was not working and is not showing correct option according the locations set 

products have free shipping option in product setup page 

but was still charging shipping on  estimate page and cart page

when client add one product free ship and other one not free ship  still only charges free shipping and should charge ship cost for the product that is not free shipping 

also now i had to use another  option in shipping option to make free ship option as at bottom of page has another free shipping option inside the setup page for the shipping 

so not sure what is going on and which shipping method to use

and right now when i test on my pc not working correct for me


To resolve the issue, please open the settings of the shipping method (Administration > Shipping & taxes > Shipping methods), click on the shipping method and select the Use for free shipping check box, click Save. In this case, the product with the free shipping option won't be included in shipping calculation for this method.

Thank you.

not working 

i disable that  method now 

in product where should be free shipping  the system try to charge them

look at this product  

add to cart and check ship cost 

will not be free

i already wasted may hours on this and is defo a problem in your side


I am sorry to hear that you have difficulties with this functionality. Please make sure that the Use for free shipping check box  is selected on the Administration > Shipping & taxes > Shipping methods > Royal Mail 2nd class uk page in the store administration panel. Unfortunately, your Merchium account is suspended now and we cannot check it for you. Please reactivate your account and let us know about it. If you have any difficulties with it, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you.

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