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Embedded page hangs after selecting product - appear to be facebook related

I have a test store setup which appears to work fine ( However when I embed the site into wordpress using the widget embed script, the page hangs on load after i select a product (spinner appears and never finishs loading). 

The browser reports "Uncaught Error: invalid version specified" with ""

Hi, Adam!

We are sorry to hear about this issue. Could you please provide us with the link to the problem page? Also, please let us know the version of WordPress you are using.

Thank you.

ahh sorry! -

I disabled the social buttons add-on and everything started to work as expected (no hanging). I've re-enabled the add-on so you can take a look.

WordPress version is 4.3.1



Thank you for the details. The issue is that another Facebook script runs on the Wordpress page:


<script id="facebook-jssdk" src="//;version=v2.4"></script>


(it is in the head section of the page)

Widget calls another Facebook script for social buttons. Most probably, the conflict between scripts causes the issue. Please try removing the line above from the WordPress page and re-check the issue.

Thank you.

Hi, that worked thankyou!


You're welcome!

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