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New payment processor not displayed in selectbox

Hello, we are currently developing our addon for Merchium that allows to use Ukrainian payment methods, bug stuck on step when we need to create new payment method. After installation we add new payment processor via this code


$payment_processor_id = $merchium->createRequest('payment_processors', array(
    'processor' => 'liqpay',
    'redirect_url' => fn_url("merchium_liqpay.process")

 We get valid processor id, but, on payment methods page we dont see "liqpay" option

Upd: I've managed to insert processor id via inspector tool, it's kinda work but links result_url, notify_url, cancel_url returns 404 status. For notify url we use this request:


$notify_url = $callback_data['notify_url'] . '&' .http_build_query([
    'order_status'=> 'P', //Processed

$notify_url .= '&signature=' . $merchium->calculateSignature($notify_url);



You see, the payment_processors method registers a new payment processor, but it doesn't create a new payment method. When the processor is registered, you can create payment methods with this processor.

Create the method via API or manually (see a walkthrough in the Merchium admin panel).

The 404 response is returned exactly because the payment method doesn't exist. Just create one, and this issue will be resolved too.

Thank you, Konstantin, but, I mean exactly payment_processor. See attached screenshot, there's no "LiqPay", yet we registered it in payment_processors

Thanks for the info and sorry for the misinformation. We now see it's a serious issues that needs to be fixed immediately. A responsible developer is already working on this issue, he'll fix it today.

Once again, thank you a lot for telling us about this bug.

Hello again! We've already fixed the issue, please check it in your store.

Thanks, now it seem to work properly. I'll test callback urls later and respond in this thread about results

I've tested callback urls. Everything works as charm. Thanks for resolving this issue so quick

Thank you! If you find any issues, please report them—we're keen to improve our product!

P.S. There's a Russian-speaking dev forum if you prefer it.

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