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Brand (page)

Hi, me again!

How do I access SEO elements for my brands page


> Page Title

> Meta Description & Keywords

Perhaps even add an introduction on the page, for example, Anymal UK represents the following brands

Thank you

Hi, Сhris!

To implement this feature, please take these steps:

1. Go to Design > Layouts in your store admin panel.

2. Click the + button.

3. Select View all product features variant in the Dispatch input field.

4. Add the View all product features phrase into the Name input field.

4. Add the necessary page title and meta descriptions into the corresponding fields.

5. Click the Create button.

6. Add a new grid and create the Main block in it for the created location.

7. Add an HTML block with the necessary introduction page content.

To add a SEO rule, please take these steps:

1. Go to Website > SEO > SEO rules.

2. Click the + button. 

3. Add the necessary SEO name into SEO name input field.

4. Add the product_features.view_all value into Dispatch input field.

Please make these changes and let us know the result.


Wow, such a lot LOL! I will save this for a quiet moment (no distractions) later today and report back on my success.
Many thanks again :)

Hope you'll do that easily, Chris! If you experience any issues, please let us know! We'll be glad to help you! 


Hi Anastasiya,

Done, brilliant and thank you very much.

Just one other question, maybe something in my settings, or maybe just the necessary characteristic...  

My url move from

To now (much better)

Am I able to adjust further to be ?

Best wishes

Hello, Chris.

Unfortunately, no, there is no such possibility in Merchium. 

Thank you.

Thanks for checking Mariya,

Top weekend to everyone

You are welcome. Have a nice weekend too.

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