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Is it possible, is there an app or is there some styling I can add so that I may create and FAQs page that when the question is clicked, the answer appears beneath? And can be clicked again to close.

Thank you

Dear Chris,

There is no such a feature in Merchium. But you can try implementing it yourself using CSS. For more information about how to do it, please refer to this useful article: So if you have programmer skills or third-party developers, it will be very easy to create such a feature. 

As an alternative solution, we can offer you the customization services offered by our affiliate company, Simtech Development Ltd. Their website is .Also, you can find a developer by yourself at our Marketplace.


Ooooh, I have to say, this sounds like a bit of fun for me to play with, I love learning. I will definitely have a look at your article, thank you very much.

But, I expect given the tight agenda to launch the new site officially at the end of the month, I may need to hire help. Again, thank you for the information. I did not know this option was ever open to me and I do have a list of other wishes they can probably help with..

Big thanks again Anastasiya.

You're welcome, Chris. I am glad to assist you.

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