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Add Payment Provider

Good morning.Today I set up our payment providers. PayPal completed, now it's PaymentSense I need to add, this is the merchant our business uses for many years for online, walking trade and over the phone payments. Leading provider in the UK.

I see PaymentSense not listed in Merchium menu, how do I add PaymentSense to our store please?

Thank you


Dear Chris,

Your message went to Spam for some reason, that is why it was not displayed on the forum at the first place.

As it was said in the previous discussion with my colleague, our developers decided to integrate this payment gateway and put this feature to the nearest developer's task list. So this payment gateway should be added soon.

Thank you.


Good morning,

Spam :-( I guess I have been asking too many questions ;-)

I added PayPal temporarily last week and all was well. I made a test purchase.

Over the weekend I added Facebook, Twitter and G+ widgets to pages, activated for some content areas like about us, contact us and deactivated for others such Privacy and Cookie pages.

To make them work I added to the settings with the cog of Pages in layouts...

<script src="" async defer>

{lang: 'en-GB'}


<script src="//"></script>

<script src=""></script>

The widgets are working.

Yesterday I discover my payment method options during checkout are not functioning. I can only add/activate Credit/Debit cards. It's incomplete of course as we wait nicely for the PaymentSense feature to be added, but my PayPal and Phone Ordering options will not show.

When I disable Debit/Credit Cards and click checkout, the warning message arrives, no payment options available.

Do you think the code/script I added is conflicting? Hope not, the widgets are a nice inclusion.

I did disable the widgets and delete the added code to see if the payment options come back but they are not.

I am thinking hard and looking around to see what else I may have changed or added that causes this problem. 

I'm afraid I can't see what I did. I wonder if you could take a look for me when you get some time.

Thank you again. I'm feeling a pain in the bottom for you at the moment as I seem to be tripping up some basics and asking for help.

I promise we get close to finishing set up and I will just be adding lots and lots of products to make our big announcements to our customers we are live and ready. Then I will leave you alone for long time :-)

Wishing you a good day.

Hello Chris!

We are sorry to hear that you have faced this situation. The Payment dependencies add-on is enabled in your store. It is used to assign available payment methods to shipping methods. Allowed payment methods should be selected in the same name list on the shipping details page. However, the PayPal and Phone ordering payment methods were not selected for the LOCAL FREE DELIVERY shipping method in your store, that is why the issue occurred. We selected them for all shipping methods in your store and the issue is resolved now (please have a look at the screen shots attached).

Please let us know if we can do anything else for you.

Thank you.

Shame on me for not checking that area. I knew it must have been something simple... Yikes!

Thank you Mariya and I really hope when my name on email shows up your reaction is not (Oh, now what has Chris done now). LOL!

Best wishes


You are welcome. We are glad to help you. 

Please feel free to contact us if you are in need of further assistance.

Thank you.

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