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Brands (pages) & Product Filters

My last question this week, promise :-)

How do I add product filters to my brand pages? Hoping I can, can I also change the layout? I would like to add product filters but also allow the items to be above the information about the specific brand.
Thank you again

Hello, Chris.

Yes, it is possible to add product filters block to the brand page by creating a custom layout page for the feature variant page. However, unfortunately, there is no way to change position of the brand information or products section in Merchium. 

So in order to add product filters block please take these steps:

1. Open the Design > Layouts page and click the Add layout page... link.

2. Select View product features as Dispatch, fill in the Name field and click the Create button.

4. Click the + Add grid button of the Content container, set Width to 12 and click the Create button.

5. Click the + Add block button of the created grid and click on the Main content block.

6. Click the + Add grid button of the Content container, set Width to 4 and click the Create button.

7. Usually product filters block is already created for the categories layout page so click the + Add block button of the created grid and click on the Product filters block. Please check that this block uses the Original template.

Please note that this layout page is now used for every feature variant (brand) page. You can add some other necessary blocks you want (for example, Breadcrumbs). Please have a look at the screen shots attached on how it looks like in our test store.

Thank you.

I want to create brands with their respective images just like the default ones already available in Merchium demo. Please help and also let's know how to remove the existing brands?

Hi Ahmed,

To change/add/remove brands go to...

Admin Panel>Features>Brand>Variants.

Hope this helps


Ahmed, Chris is right. You should change the variants for the default Brands feature on the Products > Features > Brands > Variants page in the store admin panel.

Chris, thank you for your help!

Thanks Chris and Mariya ;)

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