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Social Login (Facebook)

Hi, I have set up a developer account and created the website app. Obtained the API and secret key and loaded them into Merchium via manage addons in the admin panel. I have also activated the FB app to be public.

I am using the default approved items only settings (no additions or approval required). To obtain only email, public profile and user friends.

I have used my own FB login to test login in on my meerschaum website. It works.

However, A weird (not real) system generated email address is provided ( )

I check admin panel and see no profile information provided, just the stage email address. No name etc.

My personal FB account is set up to withhold the profile information. I check also using my wife's login details. Same thing, no real profile information provided.

The FB dashboard is registering the sign in but with no data.

I was wondering if you able to help me, letting me know where I am going wrong. This must be an FB set up issue and not Merchium but I can find any information to help. Hoping you can :)

Within the FB app settings, I put my store website address in. I have not yet set up my SSL certificate. So the address I put in is http not https. Would this make a difference? I kinda think if it does then the sign in would fail anyway but it doesn't, just provides no relevant profile information.

Thank you for your help

I've now set up Twitter login. Profile name displays this time but again, we're email address. At the moment I am seeing little benefit to the visitor or me if the info provided at login is inaccurate.
Looking forward to a reply. 

Unable to edit previous. Strike out we're email address. Should be "weird email address" This time the example is

Dear Chris,

Thank you for contacting us.

We are sorry to hear that you faced this situation. Such a random e-mail address is generated because the Autogeneration email check box is selected on the Social login settings page in your store. Please clear it:

As regards the issue with profile details (first name, last name), as far as I understand, your application uses new Facebook API version 2.4. Unfortunately, the Social login add-on is not updated for this API version yet, that is why the situation occurs, we apologize for any possible inconvenience. We have forwarded the issue to our developers, most possibly, the necessary changes will be added to Merchium in the future update.

Thank you.

Hi Mariya and thank you.
I've made the change and now when using social login a page asking for email comes up. Social login is about making the process simple so I'm not really sure this feature is ideal.

Regarding the API version... is it better I delete the FB API key and start again using one of their other versions? If so which version do you suggest?

Many thanks

Dear Chris,

The issue is that some services do not send the email in the request. It is the service behavior and we cannot force such systems to return the email. E-mail is a mandatory field to create a customer profile so the store system should get it anyway. When the social service does not return it, there are two possible options:

1. Generate the email for the profile.

2. Ask the customer to specify it.

If you enable the Autogeneration email setting, the first option will work, otherwise the second one will be used.

I hope this explains the situation.

As regards Facebook, to the best of my knowledge, there is no way to change the API version of the Facebook app to the older one. If you already have any applications with the older API version, please try use it for the store. Otherwise, it will be necessary to wait for the solution from our engineers. We will do our best to update our code according to the Facebook API changes at the earliest.

Thank you.

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