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Agregar el complemento de payulatam

Hola buen dia

sera que uds pueden crear un complemento con esta pasarela de pago llamada es la plataforma líder en América latina 

Esperamos que nos ayuden


Norbe cadena


Unfortunately, your request is not clear to us. We provide support in English or Russian languages only, so please use one of these languages while posting your request.

We look forward to your reply.

Thank you.

Add Plug payulatam

Hi good day

It is that you can create an add this payment gateway called is the leading platform in Latin America

We hope to help us


Norbe chain


Thank you for the clarification.

We are afraid this payment processor is not planned to be added to Merchium in the nearest future.

The page with a list of our Merchium partners who can possibly integrate this processor is under development now and we cannot suggest any partners at the moment until the page is ready. We apologize for the possible inconvenience. As a workaround solution, we recommend you to find and hire a third-party developer on your own and provide a Developer Documentation of our platform to them.

Once again we apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you.

Hi there

Good Morning,

I know you even scary, but this payment gateway

It is what allows receiving payments in Latin lamino and South America, United States and parts of Europe, that is why we here in Colombia is the only system to receive payments in our local momenda is why for me and many more people who are from this region

hopefully very soon we can integrate and add facilemnte


Norbe chain


I understand your needs and I hope this payment processor is integrated in Merchium soon. You can also describe this idea in our Suggest a feature topic on these Forums.

Thank you.


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