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How to embed skype calling or text cutton


if you  go here can get a script code to embed 

but when embed in merchium  the script is not processed or seen by  browser soft

this is script

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

<div id="SkypeButton_Call_rebelsimcard_1">

  <script type="text/javascript">


      "name": "dropdown",

      "element": "SkypeButton_Call_xxxxxxx_1",

      "participants": ["xxxxxxxxxxxxx"],

      "imageSize": 32




please tell how to use  to be contactable  via skype 



Please be sure that the HTML-editor is disabled, when you insert the code. HTML-editors usually cut off the code and this may cause the issue. In order to disable it, please select Do not use from the  Default wysiwyg editor list on the Settings > Appearance page in the store administration panel and insert the code once again.

Also, please check that the placeholders are replaced by the real data in the inserted code.

Please check it.

Thank you.


thanks for reply 

i  tired and could not make work 

also if i do what you suggest this complicate things more as then when want to edit product descriptions cannot see wysiwyg and only see the html code 

that is impractical solution and also not working 

When the code is already inserted, you may enable the WYSIWYG editor again. However, we do not recommend to change the field where the code is inserted. As I mentioned earlier, such editors cut off the script code and the code will not work. That is why we always recommend  to disable the editor when working on code.

As far as we understand, the main aim is to add the Skype button, am I right? We copy the code provided on the page, added the Skype name and added the code provided to the HTML block with HTML editor disabled in our test store. Here is the result:

Please re-check the instructions and let us know the result. If it does not help, please let us know the location where the button is expected to be.

Thank you.

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