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Product Category Page Sort Problem

The drop-down menu on the product category page where my customers can choose how they want to sort the products does not show any kind of generic text (like 'Sort by') or my chosen default sort type, but rather '_sort_by_null_desc'. 

A quick google search of that phrase shows me maybe hundreds of other Merchium sites that seem to have the same problem.

I tried to replace that string under Administration > Languages > Translations, but could not find the language variable in question.

Thanks in advance for your help.


As far as we can see, you have already resolved this problem on your website. The problem is reproduced if only one Sort by Bestselling sorting is enabled on the Settings > Appearance page in the admin panel. As soon as at least one more sorting is added, the mentioned text is not displayed.

Unfortunately, this problem is caused by a bug in Merchium. We have forwarded this information to our software engineers. It will be fixed in our future Merchium upgrades.

Thank you for your help.



We are glad to inform you that the discussed problem with the sorting was resolved in the latest Merchium update.

Please check it.

Thank you.


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