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Promotions - Discount by 'Total products in cart from category'

Say I want to sell shoes and socks. 

I want to have a promotion where if you buy 2 pairs of shoes, the 2nd pair is $10 off.

I can add a condition for the category, then I can add a condition for total products in cart, and I can require a minimum price in the cart, but I can't find any condition for the total number of products from a category in the cart.

So if you buy 2 pairs of shoes, the discount will trigger like it should.

But if you buy 1 pair of shoes and 4 pairs of socks, the discount will trigger then too.

I can add a condition for particular quantities of particular products, but that only works if my discount is for a generic product called 'shoes' and not if I'm selling a hundred different types of shoes, and I want any combination of 2 to trigger the discount.

If I am misunderstanding how to do this at present, please help me understand. Otherwise, this seems like an essential feature.

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