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IP address Cross checking function


IP address: 73.204.47.XX


i see this new info   showing on all order pages  where can see ip  of client 

this info  not that useful  unless link to  geo location  system so we can tell  the  country/location     the client made order from and compare billing info  to block fraud

also  the ip   address if used by  another user to make any account or order  should show up  on the order page  to help  block fraud further and high light the order that need to go through higher security clearance

so  could have a new status  Fraud attempt  or Pending Security Clearance 

these orders  suspicious should auto go to this  status but the client email is the normal one and he does not get email of this status change after successfully order has been placed in cart. 


Actually, Merchium has the Anti-fraud addon, which uses Maxmind antifraud service to check your orders and mark fraudulent orders automatically.

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