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Please add order tracking number into administrator's emails


i had a look and cant find the way to do it 

the email  the clients and i recieve dont have the email  in them 

also  when  add a shipping with tracking info  the email cart admin and client get dont show the tracking number in the email.

let me know how to fix 



Dear Buta.

Thank you for contacting us.

> i had a look and cant find the way to do it

> the email the clients and i recieve dont have the email in them

As far as I understand, you mean a customer's e-mail address. I should inform you that it is not displayed in the invoice for security reasons. Unfortunately, at this time there is no ability to modify the e-mail template in Merchium. However, this feature is being developed by our software architects and will be included in one of the future Merchium updates.

> also when add a shipping with tracking info the email cart admin and client get dont show the tracking number in the email.

Please clarify what e-mail you mean. When a shipment is created and the Send shipment notification to customer check box is selected, separate shipment e-mail notification is sent to the customer. It includes the list of the products, tracking number and some other information (please have a look at the screen shots attached). Shipment information is not sent when the order status is changed. If the issue is still there, please provide me with step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce it.

Thank you.


when using v 2.2.1  cs cart  their was a one email  only user admin an client recieve  and in order page was a field where could input the tracking info.   also  this box was better as when you  use barcode scanner to scan  the  tracking info  it auto  adds a  enter  command so would  save the  tracking  info  to  db

but now  when you look at this screen shot  have to do more work 

Screenshot from 2015-06-10 18_03_37.png

Now when  use the  tracking field  to  input scanned in bar code  the  page  closes as the scanner auto presses the   Enter on  keyboard after succesfull scan  the  tracking number last   when all other fields are  filled in for this to work now  

or    scan  data in the comments and   copy paste in to tracking

the   email  from the cart used to include info like  

email  which is important and tracking number  

STATUS:Shipped & Completed

DATE:05/12/2015, 12:13

PAYMENT METHOD:Paypal Express Checkout

SHIPPING METHOD:2nd class UK Royal Mail Recorded Delivery


now  im getting email look like this 

STATUS:Shipped & Completed

DATE:06/10/2015, 14:20

PAYMENT METHOD:Paypal Express Checkout

SHIPPING METHOD:Royal Mail International Recorded

Dear Buta.

Unfortunately, it is not quite clear to us what feature of CS-Cart version 2.2.1 is meant. Please note that Merchium is based on CS-Cart 4.3.x version. However, the shipment creation page is almost the same in these versions. Please clarify your request.

As regards tracking number, I failed to reproduce this issue in your store. I placed a test order, created a shipment, number was displayed in the e-mail message (please have a look at the screen shot attached). If you mean something else, please clarify.

Thank you.


thanks for fast response as always  

attached is screen shot of email i received 

you being the client in the shop  might have got the email with tracking info 

but the shop admin did not 

so now if a client emails shop admin  about query of order  as they not receive item 

then  admin  now need to login to merchium to look up  order number and  check  tracking info  and then  search  tracking number of shipping carrier website 

before  admin  only need to  search order number in  his email  account and  will see last  email   with  subject shipped and completed and locate tracking number faster from his the emails 

hope it makes things clearer



Dear Buta.

Thank you for explanation.

If you think that this feature should be added to Merchium, we recommend you to create a topic on the Suggest a Feature forum on the following page:

The detailed information and explanation why this feature is important to be implemented will help it to earn more votes and probably be among the top features that might be added to Merchium.

Thank you.

hi  please  when you get time please add this feature to the suggest a feature 



We have changed the topic type according to your needs.

Thank you.

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