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How to import data from previous cs installs


i was looking for a way to load a database backup file for cscarts 2.2.1  direct to the merchium cart

from  what i can see its possible to import some data like 






have test all these functions and they perform well using csv files 

however much other data is still to be transferred and only way i can see is to do it manually unless im missing something ?

im looking to imports to these 2   


states   location localisation data   from 2.2.1  cs cart

even if user can upload csv files of data he extracted from php my admin of some database tables is required   or a better implementation of importing such data 


News  section import function missing  and users need to do it manually 

needs to csv or other way to import faster

Ultimate solution your could deliver for the users 

Also  i might as well point out that as the Merchium team deliver good solutions and  listen to their clients i would also like to point out that we expect things from your team that we know others teams cant deliver.

If you roll out the suggest upgrade/updates then i do suggest 1 more feature that will help the users who choose this solution in the long term.

When the import process takes place  using the csv or method.

if you can  check the descriptions for  url that relate to graphics or  your tube video.


i would suggest to copy the image to your cloud and rename the new path in the html as that way the users images will also be saved on the new merchium website and that way all images will work when the users change their old domain to point to the new hosted solution 


Also as you know the old way of displaying the  youtube video has changed 

so at import time for products descriptions and  news  and categories etc  if you can check the html code for old style code and auto update to the new way of entering you tube video code so users can focus on thinking of newer better ideas on how to use merchium.

Thanks for your support 


Hi, Buta!

Thanks for the ideas, we appreciate your feedback.

Though your ideas are useful, we can't guarantee that we'll implement them any time soon. If you need immediate assistance with importing your store from CS-Cart 2.2.1 to Merchium, please contact our partner Simtech Development.

For people like me who know nothing of php and the like, importing a current store to Merchium

is ridiculously complex. Can't you guys please develope Store Import add ons for Merchium

for various existing carts. My current cart is 3.0.6 and the current export / import procedure

to Merchium is just too hard for me. 

Moving a store from CS-Cart to Merchium is a matter of exporting the data from CS-Cart in CSV and importing it into Merchium. You don't have to deal with PHP or do any programming at all.


All this looks very easy to you but not to me.
It tried recently, following the guides and something went horribly wrong.

The data imported without errors but when I clicked on a username the profile for a completely

user loaded, so I deleted the whole lot.
I have upgraded 3.0.6 to 4.1.4 on my own server using Store Import and it worked well.
I will stay where I am for now.
Wishing you well.

No luck trying to export images from 4.1.4.
Not just trying but trying, trying,trying and trying some more.

I can export all other aspects just fine but images just ends up hanging.

Can't find the storage area via cpanel, to check the file size just in case image export simply 'appeared' to hang. 

My image total is around 1 gig but I don't think 'waiting it out' will do me much good apart from wasting even more time.

Is there any way I can just copy the images from my site via cpanel.

> Is there any way I can just copy the images from my site via cpanel.

You don't need cpanel to upload images to Merchium, just use your admin panel.

Go to Administration → Files and upload the images to the Public files dir:

You can then use the uploaded images as product images. You can refer to the images by local URLs, so you can use this method when importing products with images from CS-Cart.

I have been using the import function in Merchium. No idea about this 'files' stuff.

I have learned how to Concatenate to produce 'quotes' around text strings are needed.

Next to find out why var/file/1/ ,on my server, has no images stored. Shouldn't they be there

after Export ? Maybe my failed attempts at importing images to Merchium have emptied the folder.

Hang on, is

hidden ????

I can see the image using a browser but when I look via cpanel

there is nothing there.

Sorry, I can't quite understand the issue. Are you having trouble locating images on your CS-Cart server?

Maybe my failed attempts at importing images to Merchium have emptied the folder.

Exporting data from CS-Cart won't do anything with the images.

You can request assistance with the migration from the CS-Cart support team.

Thanks for your attempts to help.

I will muddle through myself as usual.

I have great news! You can now migrate to Merchium fully automatically with Cart2Cart:

But wait, it get better. Use Cart2Cart, and we'll grant you free subscription months to cover the migration cost!

Read more on our site.

You can easily migrate your database backup file to your new shopping cart using LitExtension. They provide an automated tool to migrate such data. You can look for their Database Dump Migration service

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