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Filters working slow with 100 products only and locking up chrome


 Hope you are well 

note site ready for publish and to publish any info forum

if visit this page  will find some filters on the left 

try to use any  and then use the tick or    click other way to remove the filter and  crashes the chrome browser and overall is very slow 

please let me how to improve speed and better functionality with larger arrays of data to sorted

spent  quite a few hours more than i expected the filters also broke down and failed to show up  in features and new products added  here stop showing the filters that show the network the phone is locked on to 

prob started when i kept cloning some products for faster catalouge population 

and issue was with these 2 and may expand if not resolved sooner

in product edit page has the  option to enter a value only and not showing values previous populated and even if add a value does not assign it 

so spent  extra few hours  that was time wasted looking in to eruope and how to divide it in to groups just so can make the feature smaller and  half way through it thought to alert you as this could be better time spent.

so please look in to filter problems so as you can as once fixed i need to merge europe country list back to one feature/filter for users to search for network 

and if this feature is already falling down then my plans for using this software have gone out of window for bigger dreams 



Hello Buta!

We are sorry to hear that you experience this issue. Unfortunately, we have failed to reproduce the crashing issue with the Google Chrome browser. We have selected several filters on the mentioned page and everything worked properly for us. Please have a look at the attached screen shot.

As regards assigning filters on the product page, we have sent this information to our Merchium architects. As soon as we get any result from them, we will contact you.

As regards improving speed of filter results, we have sent this information to our architects for consideration. As soon as we get any news, we will let you know.

Thank you.

Hello Buta!

The problem with assigning filters on the product page should be resolved now.

Our engineers have also made some improvements on the filter functionality so it should work faster now.

Please check it.

Thank you.


Hi Anna

Yes  looks  good and more manageable from one page now and faster to populate features 

nice work 



Thank you for your feedback, Buta. We're glad to hear this.

Please contact us again if we can assist in any way.


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