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Seo names issue from upgrading from older cs cart


was using a cscart 2.2.1 version 

this problem will also apply to all people who upgrade to this solution

now updating to this solution have the following 3 problem

some issues with 

1  SEO addon


old url of product in  v2.2.1

new url of product  has no  html  on end 

one good this is the new feature to make redirect automatically when url is changed.   but if  have a old url with html in it then  system not working when importing from older versions of cart

2  the way html files handles now

would be nice to be able to redirect older html based named files 

3  not able to edit ssi  to redirect to correct url 

could do with some control panel to edit the redirects at a later stage when you have time 




> new url of product  has no  html  on end 

In order to resolve it, please go to Add-ons > Manage add-ons > SEO in the store administration panel, select the desired format of the product SEO name in the Product SEO URL format list and click Save.

> would be nice to be able to redirect older html based named files 

You can set up redirects on the Website > SEO > 301 redirects. Please note that it will work if the original page is not accessible.

> 3  not able to edit ssi  to redirect to correct url 

> could do with some control panel to edit the redirects at a later stage when you have time 

Unfortunately, the request is not clear enough. Could you clarify it in more detail?

Thank you.

H i

thanks for your reply 

sorted now  with SEO addon and fixed all issues 

New issue is this 

Image upload URL

take  a product image

take any image that has been uploaded in any product or category

when you check the link to the image location its not coming up as on the  server where the cart is hosted

this is bad for seo and does not look good at all 

even the ur is too long

this above url should be in the path to the file for seo and for professional look to webdesign 

and when google indexes the website images they will scatter accross the cloud all over and not link back to the website from where the image data was orignally published

looking forward to resolution 




Thank you for the reply.

We are glad to hear that the initial issues are resolved. 

As regards the image URL, the issue is that Merchium uses the CDN service from Amazon CloudFront for better speed in loading images and statics for your customers and these are the links to the files that are located on the CDN servers. I am afraid that there is no way to change this URL in Merchium.

Thank you.


Your Welcome 

i wonder then if its possible to use the same system as in the seo  addon 

if can allow manipulation of the url  the user sees in the address bar of such images using the  redirect option 

 if a url  is  shown as this if you right click on it or open in a new tab

if can  have option to then cause a  redirect of the image  somehow to show the url of image in root directory

and after site is published to this


i know this will get complicated so if can implement this option for the first main  image for each product is better   to have on main url always and can leave other secondary images with the non domain specific names

to make it simpler  and avoid all this complication for us and yourself and addition coding is also a simpler solution is to store the main photo on the clients server and only additional images they upload send to the CDN service

some clients who dont know about CDN will think the browser has been hijacked by seeing suck domains and worry and leave the site

at the bottom of browser on can see the urls  and when things load from another domain they dont like it and especially with such long complicated names of locations of files

sorry if im talking too much and requesting too much

i have to share my view and experience and feeling about such issues others users will also question and no doubt raise 



Thank you for sharing your opinion and worries with us. We highly appreciate it.

Unfortunately, there is no way to disable the CDN service for the store and redirect the images in the way described. However, this topic is located in the Suggest a feature forum. Our engineers and our partners from Marketplace read the forum and perhaps a solution will be found in the future.

Thank you for your help.

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