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Need the url of Order confirmation page/Thank you page


We are wrapping up our App development for merchium. Finally we need  the url structure , when customer completes the order.  I could not complete my order on the test website(As it is a Dev website).

I am trying to fill up the below question mark



If the order is successfully complete, the URL is index.php?dispatch=checkout.complete&order_id=98

If something went wrong during the payment processing, the URL can be different. The best way to inspect the checkout page is to create a free trial store on

Thanks konstantin.Merchium did not let me  complete the order  on my test store as it was a dev store.

Dev stores do not allow purchases. I suggest you create a live store to test checkout.

Creating a live store is free, and you will have all the Merchium features free for 14 days.

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