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Determining file size for Exporting/Importing.

I have noticed two major image files.

One is images/backup.

When I export from my existing CS-Cart then

import to my Merchium how should I determine

the file size.


Both 'images' and 'images/backup' add up to 2.4 gig

Will only the size of 'images' use up part of my quota

or both 'images' + 'images/backup' ?

I am asking because I wish to start with the lowest plan

USD$35 per month.


The file storage includes all your images and files uploaded on the Administration > Files page in your admin panel. Additionally, the attachments and files to sell (downloadable products) are included as well. So the images attached to the products along with the exim/images/backup directory are taken into account when calculating the remaining storage. If you wish to minimize the storage used, please upload the images that you wish to attach to the products, import the file and make sure that all images are imported properly. When it's done, remove the previously uploaded files from the file manager in Administration > Files. Once the images are attached to the products, they are copied to a separate directory on the server.

I hope this shed a light on the situation. If you mean something else, please clarify the request.

Thank you.

This seems to have cleared it up for powerseller but I am still

This exim/images/backup file appears to double the storage area for images.

That is, images + images/backup. Backup appears to be necessary but it WILL 

double the storage required for images. Won't it ?


Yes, the files in the exim/images/backup directory increase your storage. This directory is necessary only for the import purposes. When importing your CSV file, the images for the products are imported from this directory and they are copied to another directory on the server (that is not visible under Administration > Files). When the product import is done and you checked that it was done properly, so the images are displayed correctly for the products, you can delete the exim/images/backup directory as it is not used for the store operation.

Hope it makes it clearer.

Thank you.

Yes, almost fully clear except for one aspect.

During the initial import into the new store, what if the total storage

exceeds the limit ( before all is well and exim/images/backup can be deleted ) ?

Would this cause the import to fail because the storage limit is 'temporarily' exceeded ?

eg images storage is 1.5 gig + backup is 1.5 gig = 3 gig when total allowed is only 2 gig.


You should not experience problems when importing such a file. The import process will be finished in this case. Please contact us if you have any problems with it.

Thank you.


Sorry to ask so many questions but....can images/backup be deleted in an operational store ?


> Sorry to ask so many questions but....can images/backup be deleted in an operational store ? 

Yes, this folder can be deleted. It is used when you make an export in your admin panel. The images are copied to this folder so you can use them with the CSV file that was exported.

We are glad to answer your questions so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Thank you.

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