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Shared SSL


Starting to look seriously at Merchium.

I know if I have my own domain name I can alter the DNS stuff

to point it at my Merchium store but...

is the shared SSL still available to me ?

I will only accept PayPal payments so what is the big deal

with having your own SSL Certificate ?


Thank you for your interests in Merchium.

It is up to your choice to use your own SSL certificate or not. You can use Merchium certificate, but in this case under HTTPS connection (for example, Checkout page) your customers will see address, not your store name:, where - is your store registered on Merchium, and - is your custom domain name.This is the only difference, but it could be confusing information for your customers in case you have your own domain name: customer opens the following link of your store:, adds a product to the cart and goes to Secure Checkout page, he/she will be redirected to the following page: . So the link address could confuse this customer. 

Also, I should note that you can disable HTTPS connection on your site, if you wish. In this case the address will not be changed. You can do it on the Administration > Secure settings page in your store admin panel.

Hope this explains the situation. Please contact us again if you need help in any way.

Thank you.

I can simply redirect my domain name to ( in this case ) point to

I did notice a problem though with the SLL certificate. Please see attached image.


Thank you for the information and the provided screenshot. There is no real problem with the SSL certificate though. Such a message can be found only in Chrome browser and even there the secure connection is still shown as secure and it says that Identity verified.

You can read about the describe issue in the following article:

As per this article, the message on your screenshot (The identity of this website has been verified by ISSUER but does not have public audit records.) means that no Signed Certificate Timestamps are present.

We have forwarded this information to our specialist so they will review SSL certificates and possibility to add the necessary timestamps there. But you can see such a message for many websites, including Google for example. Please have a look at the attached screenshot.

Thank you.

Thank you Arina.

I hope to become a paying member soon.

Presently testing the uploading of data from my current CS-Cart store.

Wishing you all the best with Merchium.

Thank you! We are happy to have you as a client and we hope that Merchium will help you with your online business.

Thank you.



Sorry for the delay in answering.

Our specialists examined this problem thoroughly and found out that it can be resolved only when using SSL certificate of one of the following companies: DigiCert, Certly and Izenpe. This is because only these companies have public log of all issued SSL certificates. Our company uses SSL certificate of another company and I am afraid, there are no plans to change this company at the moment.

Sorry for possible inconveniences.

Thank you.


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