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The number of test stores for partners Market

We have seen that you can create just one test store, after checking into your partner account.
We believe that the theme`s developer is not enough 1 test store.
Need to be able to create a separate test store for a live demo each theme for Merchium.
Do limits on such test Stores.
A limited number of goods, trimmed functional, the minimum amount of disk space, etc.

For example, we use for live demo:
- 24 products in 73 categories
- 2 Extras Brands (12 options) and Category (5 options)
- 3 filters, Brands, Categories
- 3-5 banners
as an example of our shop

From experience we know: More Topics and Applications in markets with more user-friendly Partners program.

For Example:

- Saas - Partners program more user-friendly:
You can create any number of test stores partner`s account for sale themes.
These stores accounted for as a partnership DEMO and not accounted for as operating stores.
With the help of these stores can lead partners activity of 3 types:
- To sell stores
- Demonstrate Themes
- Demonstrate Applications
We have created 4 partner store for a live demo for the
Now we have got 16 more test stores for the next series.

- Saas - partner Program less friendly:
test stores created from partner account work just 15 days as a trial version.
Besides partner account is not registered immediately and checked by feedback by phone and e-mail.
All of our partnership test stores have been disabled (removed) after 15 days.
More topics for we did not create - it is impossible to create a live demo.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the partner program.


Thanks for the suggestion. We understand how important it is for a developer to showcase their work, and will come up with a solution for this problem.

We may use Merchium's musti-store capabilities to offer our partners multiple storefronts within the same development store.

Hi Katrin.

It's possible to create up to 5 test stores with unlimited storefronts now.

Hope this help.

Hello, Ilya.

Thank you for the wonderful opportunities for partners.

We're going to move all of our test stores, which were created for Themes demonstration, to the site

Sorry for the late reply.
I had to create a new free shop on Merchium using my affiliate email address.
Because previous registration free shops have expired.

Please, make it possible for partners in the FORUM REGISTER using partner data.

Thank you

I saw that if you open Themes and apps page at the old address, the page header and footer is not


Hi Katrin,

We already working on the unified authorization for all Merchium services. It will be available in a month or two.

As for header and footer: Merchium market is a separate service, that included into main site using our widget mode. So if you open it via direct link, there's no header and footer - and that is correct.


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