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How to Write an Issue Report?


A good issue description will help the Merchium developers investigate and resolve it faster.

Please follow these recommendation when submitting an issue report:

  • Be specific. A good example, "When hovering a mouse point on the Add to cart button, the screen turns white for a second." A bad example, "Problem with screen."
  • Facts over emotions. We understand bugs are disturbing and you have all the right to be upset about them. But we ask to you remain calm and neutral when reporting a bug, so that we can resolve the issue faster. Good example, "The first admin panel loading takes 30 seconds." Bad example, "OMG SO SLOW!!11 Merchium sucks!"
  • Attach a screenshot. One image can tell more than a couple of sentences, so if you can show the issue, please do.
  • Reproduction steps. Please explain how the issue can be reproduced step by step, e.g. 1. Log in to the admin panel 2. Go to the Products page 3. Click the Add product button instead of Create a product.

Reports created according to these recommendations are resolved faster than the others.


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