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We're happy to greet you on the Merchium forums.

Please take a few minutes to read these simple rules. Our goal is to create a friendly, helping, and open community; we believe that following these rules helps us achieve this goal:

  • No insults. Even in the heat of discussion, we ask you to remain polite and reasonable. Refrain from writing anything you wouldn't say to a person in the face.
  • No spam. Well, no spam please :-)
  • No discrimination. On this portal, no one can be excluded from a discussion based on her or his ancestry, gender, religion, etc. If you think that a has moderator banned somebody without a reason, feel free to contact the portal administration.

Thanks for reading getting to know our simple rules! Feel free to start new discussions and join existing ones. We're always happy to see new people in our community.


the Merchium team

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