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Instructional videos

It would be nice to have instructional videos for all aspects of configuring CS-Cart.


Thank you for the request.

In order to learn more on Merchium functionality we recommend you to consult our Merchium Knowledge base:

As regards video tutorials, we recommend to look through the recent videos on the following YouTube channel:

If you have any questions, please contact our Merchium support team. We will be glad to assist you.

Thank you.


Videos are great, we certainly need more.

What videos do you think we should make with the highest priority?


Since this is a great improvement idea for Merchium, I've moved it to the feature request forum.

Just checked Youtube and your Merchium video is empty.

What I would absolutely love is a walk through on Store Import 3.0.6 to Merchium.



Unfortunately, videos for Merchium are not ready yet. We apologize for any possible inconvenience. For now we recommend you to use the instructions for CS-Cart that is the base for Merchium:

As regards Store import, Merchium is a SaaS solution, so, I am afraid that it is not possible to use store import here. If you wish to transfer data from one platform to another, we recommend you to use the Import / Export data functionality. Please check the following articles to learn more about it:

Please note that we strongly recommend not to transfer orders using a CSV file. The Export/Import data functionality is used for updating orders, not for creating them. 

If you wish to have this task done for you, we can offer you the services offered by our affiliate company Simtech Development Ltd. Please contact them using the GET A FREE QUOTE button on the provided link and they will estimate your request.

Please feel free contact us if you have any questions left.

Thamnk you.

Thanks Mariya.

I just found about Order import the hard way.

Talk about a mess.

Click on one user and get details of

You good people really should enable a method of store import.

You have made it too difficult for users to import at a ‘reasonable’ cost.

Yes I have read the articles but they presume too much fore-knowledge

which most of us do not possess.

Wishing you well.

Instructionals to people like me should be in the format of instructing a robot to walk.

You don't simply say 'walk'.

Thank you for the feedback. 

We will work on our documentation. What articles in your opinion should be improved with the highest priority?

Thank you.

Export / import most definitely. All the rest are straight forward.
Just pretend you are holding a child's

Thank you for the message. We will do our best to improve the articles in the future.


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